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Helping you understand and live through the

emotional and physical impact of loss.

When loss disrupts your life everything changes.

You're lost in a strange landscape with no familiar landmarks, no signposts, no path to follow.

You drag yourself through the day on autopilot, but everything feels meaningless.

The world doesn’t allow us much space or time for grieving. We’re pressured into pulling ourselves together, stuffing our feelings down and ‘getting on with it.’


The message seems to be 'Get over it’.


But when you’re feeling shattered it’s like climbing a mountain with a bag of rocks on your back.


No wonder you’re tired, snappy, depressed, forgetful, not yourself, unable to get out of bed, or else keeping frantically busy and afraid to stop.

If you’re struggling with grief, your story is important to me.


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I'm Here To Listen

I’m Carolyn.  I’m a grief educator, professional life coach, experienced osteopath and polarity therapist.


I’ve spent years helping people with persistent pain, noticing how often their symptoms link back to distressing events and losses in their lives.

Nearly always there’s a story that’s been buried, unspoken, never heard. Nearly always it’s about grief. 


So now I talk to people about loss, grief and this thing called grieving.

It turns out talking's something we’re not that good at.

It’s what we need to do but don’t for all kinds of reasons.  But if we don't share our  experiences of grief, how will any of us know what to expect or how to be?


Talking is the first step towards grieving well - a normal, natural and necessary part of life, vital for our health and happiness.

So if you’re feeling stuck following a loss of any kind, talk to me. Let me help you make sense of what’s happening to you.


I'd love to hear from you, so book your free call and we'll see how we can work together.

Carolyn Norgate


Osteopath - Grief Educator - Life Coach



Book your free enquiry call now to discover how I can help you


Your grief is unique and so is your pathway to healing


Wherever you are on your journey, my hope is that working with me will lead you to a place of acceptance and peace.


You just have to take the first step.

Book your free call now to find out how I can help you


 Free of pain for the first time in years......

"Before working with Carolyn I was immobilised with debilitating anxiety and neck pain. I had no idea grief was the root of the problem. She showed me ways to manage my panic and take responsibility for my reactions. She was there, with compassion and understanding, for my lightbulb moments. Above all she gave me hope. My anxiety dropped from ten to zero. I was free of pain for the first time in years. Months later my anxiety is still at bay. I can't recommend Carolyn highly enough."   

Katie N, Ireland

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