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My Journey

I came to coaching after a career that led me from working with disadvantaged children and teaching  to massage therapy  and osteopathy. 

I developed a deeper understanding of  how the mind-body works and became interested in the causes of chronic pain and stress-related conditions.

I was struck by how often grief surfaced as a motif in people's pain stories.  And how recognising the mix of unexpressed emotions surrounding loss opened the way to recovery.

My own experience of being knocked sideways by sudden loss taught me that burying difficult feelings only sees them show up as chronic anxiety, pain and exhaustion.  

I've also learnt that old beliefs and habits die hard and can put a hold on life and growth if we don't face our fears and challenge them.   

If you are feeling stuck and are having trouble working out why, let me help you explore what's holding you back.

 Just book a half hour call with me and we'll see if we can work together.

It worked for me

I was lucky to find the help and understanding I needed to let go of the bundle of old grief I’d been dragging around and topping up since childhood.


All the hurts and anger and resentments and the ‘not fairs’, mixed in with the sadness, were the filter through which I saw life.  They’d been sucking the colour and joy out of my life and keeping me stuck.

Grieving is an ongoing process – it’s part of being human – and for me, facing it and embracing it meant  finally fully experiencing and enjoying life.


Why this work is important to me


I believe nobody needs to stay stuck. We can all heal from unhappy and even deeply distressing losses.

It isn't easy. It takes time and baby steps and a willingness to let go of old wounds and beliefs.

But given the right support I know it’s possible.

And it’s never too late.

When I see someone connect with their true feelings and begin to breathe freely again, I know they’re on their way to finding more ease, comfort and joy in their life.

Now I'm offering you the time and space you need to tell and hear your story.  

I will listen and help you tease out the threads of what’s happened to you and how it's impacting your life now.

We’ll find the roadblocks that are getting in the way of you naturally moving through your grieving process. 


Your life - your health, relationships, work and  your capacity for joy - will gradually take on fresh colour and meaning.

Take that first step and book a call with me

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