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My Journey

I came from teaching and working with disadvantaged children, on through massage therapy to osteopathy.  


The twists and turns along the way have given me insights into different lives, occupations and cultures. 


Moving countries, starting over a few times, I've had to learn about change and loss.


I've been knocked sideways by grief and learned that burying feelings only leads to long-term pain and misery.  


I've also learnt, to my cost, that old beliefs and habits die hard and put a hold on life and growth if we don't face our fears and challenge them.   


Now I help others heal their pain.


It's an ongoing journey, but as fear turns to curiosity, it becomes an adventure.


My Wish For You

I want to share the skills and strategies that have helped me and so many of my clients.


I believe you too can transform your life and resolve your pain. 


You too can drop the burden of pain and find your wings.

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