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Working with me

Everyone’s pain story is different and unique.  But we know that there are some common key areas that hold the clues that drive pain:   

Stuck breathing patterns, unexpressed emotions, out-dated beliefs, fears based on incorrect information, a nervous system set on high alert.

How we explore these will depend on where you are in your journey and what works best for you.

Together we choose the particular strategies and tools you need to find your way out of pain.

You’ll see some of these below.

Learn how pain works

Get curious about how and why pain happens so that it isn’t something that just happens to you. New information and knowledge gives you a fresh perspective so you can start to make sense of your symptoms.

Free your breath 

Breathing freely and easily means more oxygen, less tension, better sleep and a calmer nervous system.   If your breathing pattern is restricted you’ll find small changes and simple exercises will make a big difference to your energy and pain.


Grow your awareness

Learn to be still and notice what messages your body is sending you in the form of tension or pain. Learn to catch and name feelings as they bubble up

 This way you gradually replace fear with curiosity and resistance with acceptance. 

Spot the triggers

Spotting the thoughts, memories, situations and emotions that spark your pain gives you back control. Joining the dots starts to change your response and grows your resilience

Reframe your beliefs

This means discovering and updating the underlying beliefs and ingrained ways of thinking that may be getting in the way of your recovery.

Creating new habits for old!

Write it down

Getting thoughts, words and feelings out of your head and onto paper.  This can include free or focused writing, unsent letters, random words or doodling – whatever works for you. Forget punctuation, spelling and grammar, It's all about how you feel.


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