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My Services

Online Coaching Services

Grief Education Programme

Tailored to your own needs and situation, we unpick the unhelpful misinformation and myths around grief.  You'll learn ways  recognise and accept your feelings and move through the process in your own time.

Chronic Pain Coaching

Chronic pain is often associated with loss and grief but has its own challenges. You'll learn how the brain creates pain and how you can use different strategies and techniques to change it.  

Coaching For Change

Loss is always disruptive and brings uncomfortable changes.  We can't go back and pick up life where we left off; we have to go forward. Coaching will support you as you find your own solutions and make the right choices to build a different but meaningful life.


       Introductory Consultation (20 minutes): No charge


       8 Session package (60 minutes): €720  (Payable in 2 instalments of €360)


        Individual Sessions: €97


Getting Started...

I like to start with a free initial 20 minute video consultation so that we can meet and work out the right pathway for you.  

On the call we can discuss where you are with your story, how we might work together and I can answer any questions you have.

If you're happy to go ahead with an initial consultation, I look forward to hearing from you.

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