An osteopath treats conditions relating to muscles and joints e.g: back pain, whiplash injury, joint sprains, headache, repetitive strain conditions, muscle tension and restricted mobilityCarolyn Norgate Osteopathy to maintain active with pain free movement

Polarity Therapy

'Energy is the vital force in the body' Dr.Randolph Stone

Polarity Therapy is a gentle and natural approach to health care. It was developed by Dr Randolph Stone (1890-1981) who was qualified in osteopathy, chiropractic and naturopathy and a pioneer in the field of holistic medicine. He studied the traditional health systems of the East and integrated the central concept of energy balancing with more modern theories and techniques.

Based on the belief that the body, emotions , mind and spirit are interdependent, Polarity Therapy works with the energy fields and currents that exist in the natural world and which are reflected in the human body. Addressing physical, emotional and mental energy blocks which arise from injury, negative thought patterns and unexpressed emotions, the flow and balance of energy is restored. The free flow of this life force is the foundation of good health..

Polarity Therapy uses four therapeutic techniques: