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About Me

After 30 plus years treating clients for musculoskeletal pain, I’ve been increasingly struck by how often my patients’ symptoms have coincided with some distressing event or time in their lives.

I knew from my training in meditation, breath-work and energy medicine how the body mirrors mental and emotional distress but was still amazed at how, when all other treatment avenues had failed, connecting the pain to underlying emotions produced an unexpectedly speedy and often complete recovery.

It was impossible to ignore this dance between mind and body and I wanted to understand more. My exploration led me to SIRPA, a community of like-minded practitioners and a training that gave me the resources and support to work as I’d long wanted to - taking time to listen to each client’s unique story, helping them discover and understand the sources of their pain and offering them strategies to reduce and even dissolve it.

My training in grief recovery, helping people deal with the conflicting emotions and pain of loss and unresolved grief, has added another valuable string to my bow and fits perfectly with the SIRPA approach.

I’m also part of a team delivering an ACE’s-informed programme, Helping Children with Loss, for anyone playing a caring role in a child’s life. Unexpressed feelings in childhood are a key source of pain and ill-health in later life. I feel we owe it to children to release them from out-of-date beliefs and unhelpful rules around emotions and give them the chance of a pain-free and healthy future.
I am gradually moving my practice online and enjoying the freedom that gives me to help more people without losing the valuable elements of my face-to-face work which include breath and postural work and yoga-based exercises.

Carolyn Norgate - Osteopath & Chronic Pain Coach

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